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Vegetarian, vegan and traditional cuisine in a breathtaking seventeenth-century setting

In the heart of Parco Increa, inside a manor house that dates back to the end of the 1600s, Villa Tizzoni, the Samsara restaurant was born in 1980. The idea, at the time, was completely unconventional: to become the first vegetarian restaurant in Brianza. A choice of taste, creativity and quality, whose purpose is the one to make people eat well and in the healthiest way possible. 

In the beautiful seventeenth-century cellar of Villa Tizzoni, just below the Samsara, the Volta Rossa was initially born as a tea room and brewery, in 2001, it became a wine bar with cuisine, characterized by a fine selection of wines and a rich menu, which includes vegetarian, vegan and traditional dishes. Within this , you can sip an Italian aperitivo, have dinner, or spend a pleasant after-dinner drink, surrounded by this suggestive and particular environment.    

Cipollotti per guarnire

Our aim is to make you eat well and in the healthiest way possible

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