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Our values

Eating is such a beautiful thing: it is taste, conviviality, leisure, pleasure! Anyone who takes on the commitment of catering has an important task, made up of responsibilities and choices.


  • Our products are organic, to the greatest extent possible (80/90%). The pasta is bronze drawn and dried without temperature changes. We also use fresh pasta, always trying to respect the seasonality of the products that enter our kitchen. 

  • Our only dressing is organic extra virgin olive oil and we try to minimize fried dishes.

  • We try to find high quality products with a "short supply chain" and we support fair trade. Our coffee, for example, is organic and fair trade.    

  • The meat comes from non-intensive farms.

  • We try to avoid waste and invite our customers to take away uneaten food.

  • We put a lot of effort in waste sorting. 

  • We do not keep tvs in our rooms to encourage conviviality and the natural exchange of human interactions.    

  • We do love to chat with our guests and we organize courses and meetings on eco-gastronomic topics. We have a small library filled with books, which can be purchased or consulted, for dissemination and in-depth analysis on nutrition, ecology, health and holistic lifestyles.

  • We are very interested in your opinion: whether it is positive it makes us feel good, but criticism is important as well and allows us to grow. Let us know what you would change and improve: you are just helping us and we are grateful for it!


We just have to wish you… Buon Appetito!

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