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Un uomo che prepara un'insalata

Our kitchen

Our formula allows you to taste dishes created with typical products of Mediterranean cuisine, but also to experiment with ones typical of plant based cuisine such as tofu, seitan, mopur, tempeh and lupin. The vegetables we use are selected according to the seasonal availability. You will be able to taste vegetables, legumes and cereals that are rarely used in the Italian tradition (such as red potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, quinoa and amaranth).                    
We pay attention to the choice of our raw materials, which must always be of high quality and with an eye to the environment. That is why most of the vegetables we use come from organic crops, the meat comes from non-intensive farms and the main condiment we use, the extra virgin olive oil, is certified BIO. Even the pasta is BIO, bronze drawn and dried without temperature changes.    

Our curiosity towards food cultures of different ethnic origins allows us to create new culinary synergies between the East and the West of the world, creating some really tasty and innovative dishes.

All the desserts are homemade. 

Our selection includes both vegan and traditional versions of the dishes. The traditional Italian ones are prepared respecting the original recipes.            
There is also a wide selection of cured meats and cheeses: from Lardo di Colonnata to Culatello di Zibello, from goose cured meats to wild boar ones and many excellent traditional or rare cheeses as well, from Castelmagno with acacia honey to Ubriaco, up to Amarone with grape mustard.    

lo chef del vegetariano e vegano

“Our aim is to make you eat well and in the healthiest way possible”

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