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Our story

The Samsara restaurant and the Volta Rossa are managed by the Samsara TSC company, made up of two partners and about 10 collaborators. It was born in 1980 from an unconventional idea: to offer vegetarian cuisine, with a tea room, recreating a place for meetings, initiatives and concerts in the open countryside. At first there were few brave ones: "Vegetarians? No smoke allowed?".     

Slowly the idea founds its way and people begin to populate our reality. 

In 1993, in the beautiful cellar below the Samsara restaurant, the Volta Rossa was born, initially as a tea room and brewery, then, in 2001, it became a wine bar with cuisine. 

In 1995, we founded the Cultural Association Samsara Arte which, over the course of about 10 years, gave life to many initiatives. Just to name a few:


  • FIERA IN-CREA: a big market with over 50 exhibitors of crafts, music, theatre, shows, workshops;

  • JARTS: a jazz music festival, with all the most important Italian artists and a series of contemporary art events as well; 

  • JAZZ IN PJAZZA, in Cernusco and Brugherio and then the BRIANZA OPEN JAZZ FESTIVAL, which included concerts in 8 municipalities in the Brianza area;

  • INCREAZIONI: a series of huge contemporary art installations that fill the evocative Parco Increa in Brugherio.


And again, many exhibitions of both well-known and emerging artists, meetings, conferences on nutrition, holistic and ecological practices, cooking classes and introduction to the world of wine. Currently the initiatives are more sporadic, but we hope to find brand new energy to get back on track soon!                    
We look forward to see you at the Samsara and the Volta Rossa restaurants, where we spend all our care and energy to offer vegetarian and traditional cuisine, full of taste and love.

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